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The Magic Of Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh for the first time is an experience. Not one that is shallow or temporary like many travellers tend to describe locations, but one that grabs you, sticks with you and changes you as a person. Walking out of Waverley station for the first time on a rare sunny August day, with the wispy clouds racing overhead in the northern slipstream, the sun breaching through and spotlighting the mystical surrounds. As I stood there for the first time, with the old town on my left, the bright

Why Australia’s culture is far superior to England’s and been key to a dominant Ashes victory

Australia’s fortunes proceeding this series have been middling at best and so often when emotions are high and celebrations raucous, especially after commanding performances against the old enemy, one can get washed away in the hype and success in which has ultimately papered over the cracks in regards to the lack of team unity in past campaigns. On the other side of the coin, England is seemingly being plagued by a heady mix of internal struggles — both disciplinary and mentally. Off-field iss

Pay dispute hurting public perception

As the contract period for all domestic and international players comes to an eventful end, with little to show but unemployment for all players under the ACA umbrella, we now have an undesirable situation where the game as a whole is being overshadowed by greed and a lack of true transparency from board and association alike. As this situation has progressed over the proceeding seven months, albeit painfully slowly, the complete disregard from the ACA and Cricket Australia to take into account

Australia played well against India but a few standout performances papered over some worrying cracks

Australia’s capitulation in the third innings, after seemingly having India by the throat, spoke volumes about certain players consistency, guile and most importantly awareness of the match situation at hand which, ultimately, gave India the final ascendancy in which to close out this hard fought series. On a tour so hyped at being well within the realms of impossibility for the newly formed Australian side, they’re efforts were indeed commendable, yet, when one looks closely into the performan

Hawthorn’s gamble to replace ageing veterans with rising talent will take time after early stumble

They have enjoyed rich success and extended time in the upper echelon of the competition through shrewd drafting, player management and, on occasion, somewhat harsh list management. Hawthorn’s extended run of premiership glory, after many years in the football wilderness, can arguably be traced back to their drafting into the early stages of the 21st century, where in between the 2001 and 2004 AFL and rookie drafts picking up the likes of premiership stars in Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis, Jarryd Ro

Adam Voges’ incredible form as a late-blooming Test player shows that age is no barrier to success

In past generations, Australian cricketers have been picked and selected not only on temperament, technique and a glut of runs, but perhaps purely on their age and potential. Players with gleaming domestic records such as Martin Love, Brad Hodge and, to a lesser extent, Michael Klinger have been overlooked in Australian teams of the past for younger players relying on potential and flair alone to earn selection. A former policy that was seemingly for future progression yet potentially hampered

Adelaide Crows can still prosper and make a tilt at the finals despite Patrick Dangerfield’s exit

One which shows promise for the future. With the untimely death of coach Phil Walsh and with a run of unfortunate injuries threatening to derail Adelaide’s 2015 season, the playing group could have been forgiven for putting the cue in the rack, not living up their early season hype and dropping out of finals contention altogether. This ultimately was not to be the case in their late surge to win a place in the 2015 finals series, against the odds, and with a successful finals win over the West